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Here’s The Reason Why Prince William Never Wears His Wedding Ring

Prince William and Kate Middleton
(Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images for St James's Palace)

Not long ago the royal fans noticed something strange about Prince William, 34. Since the royal wedding in April 2011, to Kate Middleton, 35, he has never worn his wedding ring. Not once, not ever.

While, there is absolutely no doubt that Prince William enjoys his life as a family man, there has got to be something behind this story. I mean, marrying a woman as gorgeous as Kate, you’d think he’d have no problem with the ring.

Kate doesn’t seem to mind about this. Why should we?

The reason why he doesn’t wear his wedding band is quite simple. It was revealed by St. James Palace, back when the wedding took place. He doesn’t like jewelry of any kind. He discussed it with Kate, and the pair seemed to come to an agreement.

Prince 1


Things aren’t the same way for Kate. She loves wearing the band made from a nugget of gold extracted from the Clogau St. David’s mine at Bontddu in North Wales.

Kate received the ring during the Westminster Abbey wedding on April 29. This wedding band is one of the institutions longest-standing traditions. I think any girl would be happy to wear such a treasure on their finger.

Except for Prince William, The Queen’s other half, Prince Philip, never wore his ring during their 70 years of marriage either. Prince Charles, William’s father, doesn’t seem to have a problem with wearing the band. He also wore a ring that he received from his first wife, Princess Diana.

Wearing a wedding ring started becoming popular during World War II. Soldiers would wear the rings as a reminder of their families back home.

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But love can be expressed in different ways, and body language shows it the best.

Body language coach, Robin Kermode, tells us how strong their relationship is, based only on the couples body language.

“It’s as if they are unaware of the world around them and time stands still. We get the feeling that they might have held this eye contact for several moments in an open-hearted positive way.” – Robin explained.

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Source:The Sun

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