Little Princess Charlotte Looks EXACTLY Like Queen Elizabeth II

As the Royal Family shared their annual Christmas card photo, Twitter users couldn’t help but point out that little Princess Charlotte looked just like Queen Elizabeth II.

As reported by ThisIsInsider, the Royal Family rounded up 2017 by posting an adorable Christmas photo card. But while some were distracted by the latest rumors about Kate Middleton having a third baby, others pointed out how similar Princess Charlotte looked to Queen Elizabeth.

The similarities are apparent:

Chris Jackson / Getty

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had something to say:

Taking a closer look, it’s hard to deny the resemblance.

Their eyes and cheeks are almost the same.


Well, I guess we can say that little Princess Charlotte takes after her grandmother.


Chris Jackson/Getty Images and Kensington Palace/Instagram

Soon, however, the internet expanded their research. Below you can see a comparison between photos of Queen Elizabeth II as a child, taken close to Princess Charlotte’s age. Both of them have a cute button nose, round, light eyes, and a mouth that drops slightly at the corners.

A veritable spitting image.


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Source: thisisinsider