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Princess Diana’s Oldest Niece Kitty Spencer Looks Just Like Her


When you talk about members of the Royal Family that really had a major impact on the world (in a good way), it would be a crime not to mention Princess Diana. Even though she tragically passed away in an accident in 1997, Princess Diana still remains one of the most influential and sought after people who happens to be a royal. It would have been amazing to see what she would have done if she was alive today, but she isn’t, so let’s carry on and talk about her niece who is now grown up and looks just like her auntie.

The niece in question is the oldest daughter of Diana’s brother Charles, Lady Kitty Eleanor Spencer, which he had with former model Victoria Lockwood.

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Princess Diana became a princess of the people — not only was she able to build relationships with the public, they also saw her as someone more relatable than the rest of the royal family.

Members of the British royal family were often known for their lavish lifestyle and a disconnect from the life their citizens were living, but Diana was able to break down that barrier.

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Her niece Kitty Spencer has taken on a similar role to her auntie – relating to non-royals thanks to using Instagram and social media to connect with the public. She stayed out of the spotlight for a considerable amount of time, however, and it only led to questions regarding how she grew up so fast after being seen in a few photoshoots she did as a child.

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Source:Instagram / @kitty.spencer

And just like her auntie, Kitty focuses a lot on charity work, being an ambassador for Centrepoint, an organization that helps the homeless.

Kitty also works as a model, but she tries not to treat her modeling work too seriously.


Source:Instagram / @kitty.spencer

Thanks to her strong facial features, beautiful blond locks and stunning blue eyes, you can’t help but notice the similarities she shares with her auntie.

Because they look similar and both worked in philanthropy fields, people everywhere have suggested that Kitty seems like Diana’s long lost twin.


Source:Instagram / @kitty.spencer

A comment on one of Kitty’s Instagram posts says “My gosh she has Princess Diana’s eyes! So beautiful and elegant!”

She doesn’t have the strongest memories of her aunt, but those she does have are quite positive.


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Do you see the resemblance between Princess Diana and her niece?


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