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Here Is Why Princess Diana Often Held Her Purse Near Her Bosom


A lady royal carrying a purse is a well-known image, but in addition to the aesthetic quality of a nice purse, there is a much more prosaic reason behind such fashion choices. On the 25th of March, AOL wrote an article analyzing the late Lady Di’s purse-carrying habits, revealing that the Princess od Wales would usually use her handbag to conceal her cleavage when stepping out of a car.


Princess Diana is remembered for always holding a purse close to her bosom when exiting a vehicle


How female royals have used their purses have been closely analyzed, and patterns identified. It’s been revealed that Queen Elizabeth II uses her handbag to send signals to her staff and Duchess Kate clutches hers to avoid a handshake she doesn’t want.

Designers have revealed Princess Diana’s used to refer to her purses as “cleavage bags.”

“We used to laugh when we designed what she called her ‘cleavage bags,’ little satin clutches which she would use to cover her cleavage with when she stepped out of cars,” said Anya Hindmarch, the royal family’s handbag designer.


A far cry from celebrities today, the late Princess was aware how important it was to keep people’s attention away from her sexuality in front of the camera, as a person who is responsible for setting a good example for women, especially children.

It is such social consciousness that has elevated her to a symbol of classiness, instead of social class. In an era where showing skin is seen as a way of selling a product, Lady Diana’s example is still revered by people around the world, two decades after her death.


Diana’s generosity, kindness and empathy have made her an unforgettable icon loved universally. Now, another seemingly small detail of her character has been revealed, but one that says a lot about how she viewed herself in regards to the world around her, and especially the people who looked up to her.

Source: AOL , world.amomama

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