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You Probably Don’t Know How These 19 Foods Grow


We assume you are not a farmer or a devoted gardener, because if you are, you may know how some foods grow. If you aren’t, however, then you probably just buy it and eat it. Not all of us live in the rural areas to explore farming and where food comes from. Sometimes, we don’t even know the simplest things, so let’s get started if you want to know more about where those veggies and fruits came from.


It’s actually quite important to know what fruits and veggies look like as they are growing in the fields because then you will appreciate what you eat more. Here are 19 of the most intriguing ones. Don’t be surprised to see that these crops look nothing like the way you see them on the shelves of your grocery store.

1. Brussel sprouts grow on giant stems


Source: Chris Martin via Flickr

These stinky veggies look a whole lot different when first plucked from the ground, whether you love them or hate them.

2. Artichokes are beautiful flowers in disguise


Source: jacinta lluch valero via Flickr

Pick me a bunch of these..they’re beautiful!

3. Kiwis grow on vines


Source: Swallowtail Garden Seeds via Flickr

Unless you are a Californian, you may not know how this fruit grows. It actually looks more like grapes when forming.

4. Cinnamon comes from tree bark


Source: Rajib Ghosh via Flickr

Okay, this is a real shock to me! Cinnamon trees are actually classified as evergreens and can be found almost exclusively in Sri Lanka and South India.

5. Peanuts actually look like peanuts


Source: Wikipedia Commons

Sounds obvious? It’s amazing, however, that they form those unique, hard shells underground!

6. You can easily mistake cashews for apples


Source: Rich Young via Flickr

Interestingly, the “apple” is more widely consumed than the nut itself in many parts of the world.

7. Growing capers resemble a hibiscus flower


Source: Wikipedia Commons

Flowers everywhere!

8. Cranberries are harvested from bogs


Source: Wikipedia Commons

Although not all cranberries need to be “wet harvested”, the technique helps farmers get more fruit in a season.

9. Pineapples grow from the bottom up


Source: Pixabay

It’s certainly not what I had in mind!

10. Black pepper resembles berries


Source: Wikipedia Commons

Seems kind of obvious, but the picture is intriguing.

11. Quinoa or red lavender?


Source: Wikipedia Commons

It’s quinoa, but you would certainly love to take a walk here.

12. Almonds form in shells


Source: Pixabay

Favorite snack? That’s not a malformed pistachio. There’s actually an almond developing within the thick shell!

13. Pinto beans grow in pods


Source: HomesteadersFreedom

This is a true revelation for me.

14. Dates grow in massive clusters


Source: Wikipedia Commons

Look how beautiful they look!

15. Eggplants are actually classified as fruit


Source: Pxhere

If you want to be more specific, they are actually berries.

16. Sunflower seeds come from sunflowers


Source: Pixabay

Stop rolling your eyes for a second! Just think about if you’ve been so close to a flower before. And you probably never thought of it like this.

17. Jicama resembles a turnip


Source: superslyfoxx1

This crunchy root is actually very hard to identify.

18. You can grow alfalfa sprouts in jars


Source: Vegan Feast Catering via Flickr

Stock up on those mason jars!

19. Mustard


Source: Wikipedia Commons

It’s almost unbelievable that the mustard comes from these yellow beauties.

Here are some more fruits and veggies before they were domesticated by humans.

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