15 Problems That Require You To Be Rich To Understand Them


Let’s face it, we can’t all be rich and possess everything extravagant or anything that may have something that says “Givenchy”, “Rolex”, “Armani” or “Supreme” on it, but one thing’s for sure: those of us who are, shall I say, “middle class”, will never understand the common problems extremely rich people face every day.

So, Diply decided to give us a helping hand here, and have a jab at explaining some rich people problems.

1. Just looking at this stewardess puts, even more, questions in my head

A lot of them start with the word “Why?”

15 Problems That Require You To Be Rich To Understand Them 1

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2. Getting mad at rickshaw drivers because they’re not as fast as your bright yellow Ferrari

15 Problems That Require You To Be Rich To Understand Them 2

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3. Scout out the rich vs. poor areas with two easy Google Maps searches.


Source: reddit | IamNorris

4. Well… uh…. my bed is also a couch…. Is that cool?


Source: Imgur | bringbackphrasing

5. A self-cleaning toilet, guys


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6. Sorry to hear that, Ferrari owner

Just remembered that 90% of Ferrari owners don’t know anything about cars.


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7. This woman needs special gloves just for her hand!


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8. Meanwhile, I smell like chlorine and pee from my day at the public swimming pool


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9. Go fish iPad edition


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10. I like Jim Carrey when he’s serious


Source: reddit | bobby_pendragon

11. When you lose your specially made MacBook charger

If you own one of the newer MacBooks, I guess you’re more concerned about losing the USB-C adapter.



12. “My champagne doesn’t fit in my condo’s recycling bins.”


Source: reddit | craigstone_

13. Just use those spare $100 bills as a photoshoot decoration


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14. I held a stack of Pokémon cards that big once. I felt like I had power then.


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15. What are thooooooooooseee?


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