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See What Products She Used For This Makeup Transformation

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We can never underestimate the power of makeup. There are thousands of products, techniques you can use to have the most unexpected result at the end. All of this, with the help of some bottles of liquid!

Saying this some years ago, people wouldn’t believe it. But, now we have millions of examples how makeup has changed everyone’s world. When you add extra product on your best features and  you can look FLAWLESS!!


YouTuber Dilara Duman from Germany shares with us a tutorial where she does her own makeup transformation. First she applies her foundation which turns out very matte and clean. Next she moves on to eyebrows and eyelids where she creates a brown light eyeshadow.

Her eyeliner comes out pretty strong and sharp and of course she finishes this look with a nude lip color.  It’s a very beautiful look and in the end you will see how different and much older Dilara looks.

A lot of people liked her better without makeup, and they told her:

“You are soo pretty without make up and you look so much younger!!! A more natural make up would be better for you.”

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What products is she using?

The answer is on her YouTube description. Follow her on Instagram too to keep updated.

Source:Dilara Duman

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