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These Products Work Best When They Are Applied With Fingers


There are two schools of thought when it comes to applying makeup with your fingers, which can be a highly divisive issue, such as eating cold pizza for breakfast or the legalization of drugs. Some advocates immediately throw out the little applicators that come with eye shadow and never waste money on specific brushes and tools while the other camp insist on investing in individual instruments for different features.  The truth, as always, is somewhere in between. The finger/brush debate will continue indefinitely but there are some advantages to using your natural resources as outlined below.



1. Eye-shadow
This is a misnomer, eye-shadows may come with little almond shaped applicators but really your finger is a better match with more width and more control than the fiddly little wand. Dab your finger in the palette and smooth over your full eye, then build up and blend into the shade you want.

2. Cream Blush
With cream brush you can easily apply it on your cheekbones with your fingers. Squeeze some of the cream blush on your hand, and then gently build it up on your cheeks. Again you have nore control and better blending with your fingers, which will also heat the cream and your cheeks so it can be better absorbed into your face.

3. Foundation
Apply foundation with your fingers is the best way to ensure your whole face is covered, as you can do wide sweeps around your neck and a more delicate application around the nose and eyes.

4 Lipstick
Dabbing lipstick on your finger to apply on your lips allows you to gradually build the colour up and press it into your lips so the colour will last longer.

5 Moisturizer
Keeping your skin moisturized is crucial for a healthy make up routine. Dab some moisturizer on your face and neck and apply it in circular motions with your fingers, These massaging motions will help circulation and absorption.

So there you have it, you can now retire your brushes and save some money by using your fingers for the most basic makeup applications. But remember make sure you’ve washed your hands before using fingers to put your makeup. Dirty hands carry bacteria  spots and blemishes can feed from. Clean hands always!


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