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5 Elegant Hairstyles Perfect For Your Promenade Dance


The word prom is shortened from promenade dance and has originally stood for the customary North American semi-formal dance ceremony staged at the end of high school’s senior year which celebrates the end of school. However, with globalization, the prom traditions emblematic of the United States and Canada have spread to other parts of the world, creating unique new customs together with the already existing local end-of-school events.

promenade 1One thing is for sure though: no matter where you come from and how finishing high school is celebrated in your part of the world, a nice dress and an original haircut are a universal must. And here to help you is another beauty addict who spans cultures and traditions. The wonderful Milabu brings a wonderful Eastern European charm to her globally-watched videos. Today’s tutorial revolves around five elegant hairstyles perfect for your prom, but also for similar official events such as homecomings, weddings, or dates. The length of your hair doesn’t matter, as all of the styles are compatible with all possible lengths.

promenade 2For more, make sure to subscribe to Milabu’s channel, where the lovely blonde indulges her followers with everything from how-to beauty and hair tutorials to makeup and lifestyle videos. And if you like what you see, don’t hesitate to drop Milabu a line as she loves interacting with her viewers.

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