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Promotion Of Pet Adoption With Optical Illusions!


Potential pet owners always need a little push when they are figuring things out of whether adoption is a good idea.

Regarding this, photographer Amol Jadhav and art director Pranav Bhide created a touching, powerful campaign for World For All Animal Care And Adoptions in Mumbai in order to spread awareness of the amazing feeling that adoption gives. Taking care of another living creature who becomes part of your family like an equal member. Animal homelessness is a really big issue, not just in India, but in many other countries. The non-government organization is not only concerned with adoption but also conducts rescues and sterilizations of the stray animal population. The campaign turned out to be very effective with a lot of positive feedback!

The creative duo manipulated set lighting and framing techniques to create a series of optical illusion portraits that contain two images. The artists attempted to create animal shapes in the space between their portrait subjects.

So, they turned on a super bright backlight and placed gentle fill light in the front. It fit perfectly for the tagline and touching slogan “There’s always room for more. Adopt.” Adopt and bring hope in the lovely animals that will love you back and be grateful to you their whole life. The feeling of fulfillment cannot be described.


The pet adoption took place in Sydenham College in Mumbai on the 21st January earlier this year. Statistics showed that people understood Amol’s and Pranav’s message – compared to last year. The attendance of the event was boosted by 150% and 42 pet adoptions were made.


Please don’t hesitate to visit where you can find more information about adoption. Yon can also donate and even become a volunteer. Any help is appreciated when you can save someone’s life. You can help the organization so they can help the animals.



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More info: Behance |  | (h/t: petapixel, dodo)

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