16 Statements Show That Men Will Never Understand Women

16 Statements Show That Men Will Never Understand Women


The legend says that there existed a man who found the secret to understanding women. Just kidding, no such thing has ever happened. The Internet is full of quotes by famous philosophers and men in general, who found out that the secret to understanding women is to not try to understand them at all.

Of course, rather ironically, women don’t understand what men find so complicated about them. Everything they do, actually, is carefully led by reason and logic. However, it’s easy to understand why men see things such as periods, lingerie and makeup so complicated and difficult to wrap their minds around.

Perhaps all those Hollywood rom-coms are the ones who should be blamed for all this. They have created this character, usually referred to as the Clueless Male – who is perplexed by all women present in his life. And probably, many of the men we meet within each day, just can’t understand us and see us as a chaotic ticking bomb.

The list of statements below will clarify the above-said in a matter of seconds. Just keep reading and be prepared to be left with an open mouth, out of surprise:

1. It all comes down to a personal choice, why should there be a reason for men to understand?


2. Okay, this is pretty legit. But at the same time, it is something that will never change.


3. Jealousy can sometimes be pretty exhausting.


4. Yep, not even close…


5. Oh, if you only knew…


6. This is actually pretty accurate.


7. Hey, I always say: ‘Don’t put everyone in the same basket’.


8. Even though this is true most of the time, how about the girls that take 20 minutes to get ready? Give them some credit!


9. Okay, Mister, get real.


10. We didn’t expect this, let’s be honest. Usually girls don’t get blamed for being awkward.


11. Patience is the key.


12. Ouch! That one really hurt.


13. They will just never get it, will they?


14. Oh well, things really change, don’t they?


15. You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”. Well, sometimes you have to.


16. Ok, let’s all calm down now!


Do you need further proof that men don’t understand women, and they probably never will?

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