The Proper Way To Cut Your Cake And Keep It Fresh

The Proper Way To Cut Your Cake And Keep It Fresh

Proper Way To Cut Your Cake

Here at MetDaan, we bring you all sorts of cake recipes, however, we never discussed the proper way of cutting a cake. It seems like nobody pays attention to that. I mean, who does?

Everyone just wants to devour the cake as soon as it finds its way on to the table. But nobody cares enough to leave the cake in perfect shape for tomorrow.

The thing about how we cut cakes and why is it wrong is that we usually do it in the middle, leaving two sides exposed to air. And that means that those parts will dry out and will become somewhat unattractive to eat.

Proper Way To Cut Your Cake 1

But, behold! There is a better way to cut your cake! A way that is a hundred years old.

One of Britain’s most famous and brilliant mathematical scientists, Francis Galton, discovered a new way of cutting the cake.

In a December 1906 issue of Nature, a famous science magazine, in the Letters To The Editor section, Galton explained the “cutting of round cake on scientific principles”.

Proper Way To Cut Your Cake 2

“The ordinary method of cutting out a wedge is very faulty.”

He suggests that the proper, scientific, mathematical way of cutting a round cake is to cut the cake in half, at its widest part. Cut it all the way through.

Proper Way To Cut Your Cake 3

Then we are just going to bring both of the parts together as if we were closing the cake. That way, there won’t be any parts exposed to air. Secure it with rubber bands.

The next day, all the yumminess of the cake will be soft. You want another slice? No worries!

You will cut another slice in the same manner with the only difference of this piece being cut perpendicularly to the previous one.

Proper Way To Cut Your Cake 4

In this way, you’re going to ensure the freshness of the cake for the following days. If it lasts that long!

Proper Way To Cut Your Cake 5

There you go! Now you know how to cut a cake like a real pro!


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