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Savage People Trolling Protesters


Sometimes, peaceful protests are a good way to exercise your freedom of speech and a time when you can take to the streets and make your voice heard while being surrounded by people with the same opinions and grievances. From the list below, compiled by Bored Panda, you can see that the freedom of speech applies to everyone. Some people also use their freedom to troll protesters who have alternative and sometimes ridiculous views on things. Below, there are people with the funniest anti-protest protest signs. Make sure to vote for your favorite one. Enjoy!

1. Jesus is making peace with it

Jesus Is Cool With It

Source: Karomars

2. San Diego LGBT pride

 San Diego LGBT Pride

3. Pro-life vs. pro-choice

Pro-Life VS. Pro-Choice

Source: schwanky

4. “I came to take your jobs.”

 I Came To Take Your Jobs

Source: LeCarpeDiem

5. “Never misses a gay event.”

Never Misses A Gay Event

6. Trolling the protesters at the next level

 Trolling The Protestors

Source: PR3DA7oR

7. “He was more like me than like you.”

He Was More Like Me Than Like You

Source: doug3465

8. Pornography harms

Pornography Harms

Source: uncouthsilence5

9. Legendary!

Sir Ian Mckellen's Sign Is Everything

Source: shxrlocked

10. I really hope his wife has a sense of humor..

 I Hope His Wife Has A Sense Of Humor

Source: FearlessFixxer

11. Nope, not with these guys.

From Sunday's Gay Pride Parade In Chicago

Source: stardust7

12. Hide your daughter!

 Hide Your Daughters

Source: Will_Ryan_Post

13. Relax


14. Quoting the Bible

 Everybody Can Quote The Bible

15. Priceless


Source: StigmaGrey

16. These two

These Two

17. A weird hobby

 Weird Hobby

Source: saturdaychores

18. Homo sex is…

 Homo Sex Is...

Source: SwirlStick

19. This protester is cooler than you

This Protester In Chester

Source: Big Heritage

20. Sinner


From: boredpanda

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