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If You Have Zero Knife Skills, Then These DIY Pumpkins Are Just What You Need


Halloween is soon upon us and even though I love pumpkins, carving them is a real pain and it can be kind of dangerous if you don’t trust yourself or your kids with sharp implements. Down below there are some of the best no carve pumpkins around. Click on the link below the pictures for more details.

Save yourself the scratches and spice up your pumpkin with an innovative twist on the traditional.

1. Bedazzled

If you like your things bright and cheery, paint it white and apply gemstones.


Source: Ooly

2. Tack on a design

A lot of these designs include paint so this idea is pretty simple. Just take a bunch of thumbtacks and you’re done.


Source: Kelli Trontel

3. Millennial pink unicorn

If you are not into cliche Halloween designs, a millennial pink unicorn pumpkin is the way to go.



Source: Jolene’s Crafting

4. Express your inner emoji

Paint some pumpkins bright yellow, cut construction paper facial features and then emoji-fy your front stoop.


Source: Cutefetti

5. Make it creepy

You can spice this up if you also paint the pumpkin black and then add some spiders on top.


Source: Let’s Mingle Blog

6. Mmmm, donuts…

If you really are into pastels and most importantly, donuts, then these put a sweet spin on a classic Halloween display.


Source: Instagram | @studiodiy

7. Speaking of sweet treats

Utilize the iconic colors of candy corn to decorate your pumpkin and it will remind you of sugary goodness.


Source: The Swell Designer

8. Go galactic

Okay, this one is my favorite. With the right colors, blending and sparkly paint, you can create your own galaxy.


Source:Easy Pumpkin Ideas

9. Glow in the dark

You can create the freaky jack-o’-lantern face and if you use the right paint then it will also glow green in the dark.


Source: One Little Project

10. Chic paint patterns

Choose a color, use masking tape to create stencils and make your own unique spin.


Source: Bubby and Bean

11. Show some character

You can draw your favorite characters or dress them up with accessories.


Source: Crafty Morning

12. Bust out the stencils

Actually, stencils are a great way to create a subtle accent without getting rid of the pumpkin’s natural color.


Source: Better Homes & Gardens

13. Stay on the sunny side

Poke some artificial flowers, and put them into the pumpkin for a bittersweet reminder of warmer days.


Source: The Gardening Cook

14. From a galaxy far away

You will win Halloween with a pumpkin design like this.


Source: The Harris Sisters

15. Creepy spiders

Duct tape can work just fine especially when you can find it in a fun Halloween pattern like this one.


Source: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

16. Mummify your pumpkin

You don’t need much for this one, just some gauze, glue and googly eyes.


Source: Changing My Destiny

17. Three scoops, please

I never thought about this before but with a little decoration, pumpkins actually look like scoops of ice cream.


Source: Instagram | @missmalot

18. Bat’s adorable

Black paint, googly eyes, wings and ears.


Source: Instagram | @yukasaur

19. Go for the tiki vibe

Paint your pumpkin, create some fronds out of heavy paper and put on some shades.


Source: Instagram | @studiodiy
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