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15 Amazing Pumpkin Ideas For This Coming Fall That Don’t Involve Carving

Metallic Pumpkins

Fall is almost here, and it’s never too early to get the house decoration ideas rolling. If you feel like doing something different, quirky and innovative this coming season, we have fifteen pumpkin ideas that will allow you to put the carving knife away and surprise, as well as delight all your friends and relatives. Furthermore, making these pumpkins involves a lot of fun that you can share with your family, instead of ending up in pumpkin seeds up to your elbows. Check ’em out!

1. Sheer pumpkins

Wrap your pumpkins in a bit of sheer fabric for this chic look and add a bit of ribbon. You can also paint the pumpkin first if you have something interesting in mind!


Source: Grandin Road

2. Glow-in-the-dark pumpkins

Add a little glow to your porch this Halloween by spray painting your pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark spray paint.


Source: One Little Project

3. Pun-kins

If you’re good at coming up with puns, you can make a lot of people chuckle when they visit your home with these pun-kins – all you need are some letter stickers and a bit of paint.


Source: Studio DIY

4. Woodland creatures

To make these cuties you will only need a bit of felt and some paint!


Source: Simple As That

5. Melted crayon pumpkin

Although this can get messy, it’s easy and it looks great. It is also a great DIY to do with kids – they will love watching the crayons melt.


Source: Dream A Little Bigger

6. Glitter pumpkin topiary

Add a little sparkle to your fall front porch display this year. You can use both faux and real pumpkins for this one – you will need some wood letters, a bit of glue and a ton of glitter or spray paint.


Source: A Diamond In The Stuff

7. Thanksgiving

One to put in the middle of your Thanksgiving table for your guests to share just how grateful they are.


Source: Yellow Prairie Interiors

8. Menu pumpkin

Paint a pumpkin with chalkboard paint and use it as a menu. Alternatively, you can put it out on the porch and write a spooky message for Halloween.


Source: LoveItSoMuch

9. Sequin pumpkins

Deck out a white pumpkin with a few gold sequins for something completely different – this is a possible pattern to get you started.


Source: Sugar & Cloth

10. Rustic chalk

This DIYer used hot glue and chalk paint to create this rustic pumpkin. Looks just great, doesn’t it?!


Source: The Project Girl

11. Watercolor pumpkins

Who says that autumn has to be all about orange, yellow, and red? This fall, do something totally crazy and use a watercolor effect to paint your pumpkins.


Source: Lines Across

12. Modern metallic

If the watercolor look isn’t your thing but you’re still after something a little less traditional, consider making these modern metallic pumpkins.

Metallic Pumpkins

Source: Taryn Whiteaker

13. Owl pumpkins

Lovers of Harry Potter, the night and the woods will all adore these owl pumpkins. You will have double-fun with this one as you’ll have to go out for some pinecone-gathering first.


Source: Home Is Where The Boat Is

14. Emojis

Kids will love these modern emoji pumpkins, especially with the release of The Emoji Movie!

Emoji Pumpkins


15. Minions

Another movie-inspired choice that children will fall head-over-heels for. Kevin, Stuart, and Bob would be so proud!


Source: Crafty Morning

So, now that you have seen this list – to carve or not to carve – that is the real question.


Source: Diply

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