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People Are Freaking Out About This Husky-Pomeranian Puppy Mix


Are you a fan of super cute looking dogs? Below you will see the most adorable puppy on earth.

Animals are always going to touch our heart when we see them, but this particular puppy is becoming an internet sensation.


Source: Norman the Pomsky

Let’s meet Norman the Pomsky. He is a little puppy that is taking over social networks, especially Instagram. The Pomeranian-Husky was adopted less than two months ago in LA. After his “parents” created him an Instagram account, the dog managed to get 60.6k followers.


Here’s a cute family picture together. Rachel and Matt were the ones that adopted him.


Source: Norman the Pomsky

The internet quickly fell in love with his furry face and unique features, like his dark round circles around his eyes. Can you blame them?


I mean, just look at him. Wouldn’t you love seeing him every day in the morning?

puppy5 has noted that Pomskies are “the hottest pup of 2016.”


Norman’s parents adore him. He is the kind of dog that we need to get us through the day.

Source: Daily Mail, shareably

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