Put Your Feet In A Bowl With Listerine And The Rest Is Simply Genius!


There are hundreds of hacks about everything on the internet. Everything we need to know is just one click away. Many of the advises are real time-saving tricks we can do right away.

But this one is simply genius, and you will love it. It will help you to prepare your feet for the cold winter days with simple ingredients you probably already have  in your cabinets at home.

So…what is it?


If you are living a busy life and you are constantly on the move, then you definitely need to take care of your feet from time to time.
Especially during the winter days when your feet are constantly cooped up.

You will need something that will quickly help you to get rid of the freezing pain, dead skin, and those delightful dry and cracked heels.


Listerine mixture is what you will need. It will warm up and relax your cold feet.

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