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Only A Few People Can Spot The Panda In This Visual Puzzle


There is something about brain teasers that ties your brain up in knots. You start to lose your mind first and then when you eventually give up and go look up the answer, you actually see how “easy” it was. And yet, you are left disappointed with yourself. Puzzles need patience because they are not impossible, some of them just need more time to solve them. So, when we came across this eye trickery puzzle, we just knew that it would take us a while. And it sure did.


The whole concept here is whether the viewer can spot the hidden panda in a sea of snowmen. It seems easy when you read it, but once your eyes start scanning the rows of Frostys, you know you’re in trouble.

This challenging brain game was created by Gergely Dudas Dudolf, a young Hungarian illustrator that managed to build a fan base after posting his colorful pictures.

He has amassed an impressive social media following since he shared this beautiful conundrum. Thousands of people are now waiting for his next teasing pictures. His unique illustration style landed him a book deal with the publishing behemoth, Haper Collins. Gergely’s new book titled Bear’s Merry Book Of Hidden Things was released on September 19th.

But your question probably is: “How do I solve this hard puzzle?”

Using the power of technology might be against the rules but hey, someone needed to find the panda.

Once you split the image horizontally, you can examine each one. Image A!


…and the bottom “Image B”.


Minutes later we found the panda and we could finally give our eyes a break.

Have you found the panda yet without any hints?

Source: Skytech Cork
From: tiphero

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