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Find Out How Much The Queen Earns A Year And Where Does It All Come From


If you are an admirer of the British Royal family, you are probably in love with the Queen. 91-year-old Elizabeth II has been Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since the 6th of February 1952, making her the longest-ruling Monarch in the world. But I bet you never wondered how she earns her money and how much does she make exactly? Keep reading to find out Queen Elizabeth’s financial secrets.


The Royals have their critics too, both in the United Kingdom and abroad, but their well-oiled PR machinery has made sure many people are fascinated by them. You probably spend days and nights wondering how they fund their extravagant lifestyles! Here are some of the answers.


The Queen’s money mostly comes from the Duchy of Lancaster estate, made up of 18,454 hectares of land in England and Wales. Additionally, the Queen has her own private investments as well as a yearly government grant. This covers her personal and family expenses. That is not all! Where does she get the money to cover all of the cars, jewels, and other items she owns?


The money she gets is a small fraction of the profits of the CrownEstate, a collection of land and holdings belonging to the monarchy. Forbes has estimated that all of these properties combined create a private net worth of around £415 million! This is basically more than $551 million we are talking about! Do you still love the Royal family in the same way?


How do they make all of this money? Well, her properties, Sandringham House and Balmoral Castle, are valued at approximately £80 million. Add all of the agricultural lands she owns across Britain, the Buckingham Palace and there you go! 15% of annual revenue from the properties goes directly towards the Queen’s own expenses. This happens each year, and although she doesn’t actually own these properties, she still earns money from them.


The money doesn’t really go to her pockets, though. The sovereign grant provides funds for the upkeep of the palaces, household staff, travel, and royal functions. Now, whenever you see the Queen hosting a party, you will know where the money comes from: the grant.


That’s not all! Reportedly, Queen Elizabeth II will even be receiving a pay rise! In June this year, it has been reported that the 91-year-old is expected to receive a £6m “pay rise” from the taxpayer after the Crown Estate recorded a £24m increase in income. Her sovereign grant will also be increased by 8% as the revenues from her properties have increased. Now you know why she looks so happy!


Did you know she can also break the law? Queen Elizabeth cannot be held responsible for breaking these laws.

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