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Princess Charlotte’s Place In The Line Of Succession Secured


Centuries-old rule which favoured younger sons ahead of older daughters in the line of succession was recently changed by Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II was never actually expected to rule the United Kingdom. Her uncle, Edward VIII, abdicated the throne, and since he had no children, he passed the mantle to his brother, George VI, the current queen’s father. But, even though she was the King’s eldest child, her ascension to the throne wasn’t a done deal. In fact, had the King had a son, he would’ve taken her place as heir, because of the Act of Settlement of 1701, according to which male children jumped ahead of their older sisters in the line of succession.

The male-preference primogeniture was, however, put to an end by the Succession of the Crown Act, brought into force in 2015. This Act came into being mere two months before Princess Charlotte’s birth and has ensured that she will not lose her place in the line for the throne in the event that the new royal baby is a boy.


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The Act passed in 2015 makes sure that first-born children have an equal right to inherit the throne no matter their gender


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This wasn’t always the case. Let’s take for example the children of Queen Elizabeth: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Anne was third in line for the throne, but when Andrew and Edward were born, she dropped to fifth place, regardless of the fact that she was older.


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Princess Charlotte is fourth in the line for the throne

Born in 2015, Princess Charlotte follows her grandfather, father, and older brother in the line of succession, but her place could’ve been taken by a younger brother.


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When it was revealed that there was a new royal baby on the way, the question was if a boy would jump ahead of Princess Charlotte in the line. And until recently, that’s exactly what would’ve happened.


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Fortunately, her place is firmly secured by the rule implemented just two months before she was born.

Charles, Prince of Wales is the heir-apparent


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The first in line to ascend to the throne after Queen Elizabeth passes away, is her eldest son, Prince Charles. At 68 years of age, he is the oldest person to be next in line for the throne since Sophia of Hanover, who died in 1714 at 89 years of age without ever becoming queen.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is second in line for the throne


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There was some speculation that the Queen had decided to skip Charles, and name Prince William the next King. However, the Queen doesn’t actually have the power to choose her heir, so Charles is still set to take up the mantle.

Prince George is third in the line of succession


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Prince George was born in 2013. He may only be 4 years old now, but one day he will rule the United Kingdom.


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He may have to wait quite a while until he can actually take the crown, but eventually he will be King.


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Princess Charlotte is currently fourth in line to succeed the Queen


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The Act passed in 2015 has ensured that her place in the line of succession won’t be taken by a younger brother.


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However, when some day Prince George has his own children, Charlotte will drop down on the list.

She is only 2 years old, but already she has shown she is a feisty little lady! She isn’t likely to stop being the center of attention just because she is the middle child.


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Prince Harry is next in line after Charlotte

Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry, used to be third in line to succeed the Queen, but after the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, he is currently fifth. And the pair is now expecting their third child.


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