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Somewhat Useful Products With Questionable Ad Campaigns


If you’re a company and you want your product to sell, you have to think of creative, cool and interesting ways to advertise it. Coca Cola, Honda, Apple, Microsoft and other such corporate giants have been well known to create some truly awesome and buyer-attracting advertisements over the years, but sometimes, a company’s advertising for their product, as good as that product may be, can be a bit of a hit-and-miss.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some useful products that have some not-very-well-thought-of advertising campaigns.

1. My Shiney Hiney

With a name that I can only describe as “clever”, this product is designed to take care of the harder-to-reach areas on your body, and as the title suggests, “harder-to-reach areas” basically means the user’s backside.

8 Somewhat Useful Products With Questionable Ad Campaigns 1
Source: My Shiney Hiney

If that wasn’t enough, check out the official statement for this product on the company’s website.

“Whether you call it your derrière, rump, or where the sun don’t shine, this body part often receives just a cursory scrub in the shower.”

“My Shiney Hiney makes the cleansing easier and more thorough with an ergonomic brush that accesses that hard-to-reach area.”

Sounds like a useful thing.

8 Somewhat Useful Products With Questionable Ad Campaigns 2
Source: Mojo

This company has actually made it big and appeared on Ellen.

Here’s a photo of Ellen and Kristen Bell attempting to make sense of this product.

Source: YouTube | TheEllenShow

2. Pao Facial Fitness

Similarly to the previous item, this face muscle-toning device has a big advertising campaign, as it’s endorsed by Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. This device is designed for those people who really want to tone their face muscles without having to go all-out on cosmetic surgery.

In all the advertising material featuring the 32-year-old soccer player however, he always seems to be holding it in his hand.

Source: Japan Trend Shop

I can only imagine that he felt incredibly awkward appearing in public with a pair of flappy, opposite-end glued canoe paddles with a centerpiece to put in your mouth.


3. Hawaii Hula Chair

A product description of this interesting item says, “Multi-speed electrically driven massage chair, 3 sizes available. Put yourself in sync with nature’s cyclical rhythms.”

Yeah, maybe the motion of the ocean, but that’s about it!

Source: Amazon

I don’t know what kind of message they were trying to convey with advertising like this:

Just imagine walking into a meeting and you see your boss sweating in their suit because they’re sitting on one of these.

Source: Rockylou’s DS106 Blog

4. A clear film to cover nipples

Now we move on to something that is only available in Japan, and just continues to prove the age-old point that Japan is a really strange place.

Apparently, in this country, it’s repulsive for a male or female nipple to be visible through a shirt, which is why these film covers exist.

Source: Twitter | @MEN_s_NIPPLE

You just put them on and cover them up!

Source: YouTube | メンズニップレス

5. A very well designed cupholder

Twitter user @robertsshelby57 thought her mother had gotten a rather inappropriate gift for her, when it in fact turned out to be a very cleverly designed cupholder. Well done, Yeti.

Twitter | @robertsshelby57

6. The legendary Shake Weight

You’ve probably seen this one at least a dozen times before. It was made famous due to the way you’re supposed to use it.

Source: Amazon | Fitness IQ

I’ll let this GIF do the talking.


“Dynamic Inertia technology ignites muscles in arms, shoulders, and chest,” says one product description from Amazon. Dynamic Inertia technology — that’s what they’re calling it these days.

Source: Amazon | Fitness IQ

7. Beauty Bottom butt-shaping cushion.

This cushion is apparently designed to help you maintain a nice and shapely backside without you having to do squats.

Source: Net Price

Check out this product description though:

“This chair cushion works by guaranteeing correct posture, properly aligning your pelvis and spine, which in turn ensures that your bottom muscles become, and stay, taut enough to bounce a 100 yen coin off of.”

Source: michaelpiff

Now, can we take a second to ask why there’s a hole in the middle of this thing?

Are you meant to use this on the toilet and that hole is for your droppings to fall into? That’s the best guess I can come up with, anyway.

Source: Japan Trend Shop

8. Bigan Beauty Face Expander.

The person wearing this product will progressively stretch their mouth while wearing this contraption. They really ensured that it had perfectly designed lips, that’s for sure…perfectly creepy.

It’s creeping me out.

Source: Japan Trend Shop
From: diply

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