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Sixteen Questionable People Captured By Security In Walmart


Since there’s a Walmart in every single state and in pretty much every single city, a lot of people tend to shop there. And when I say a lot, I mean it. And sometimes, that includes some pretty interesting types that you certainly don’t see every day. Check out these photos of some questionable people circling the isles of Walmart stores, as captured by the security and brought to us Aunty Acid.

1. A great example for parents-to-be

Okay maybe not.

16 Questionable People Captured By Security In Walmart 1

2. “Boy, pull up yo goddamn pants!”

The fact that he isn’t in the jeans section is certainly not a good sign.

16 Questionable People Captured By Security In Walmart 2

3. The Leopard Ladies

No, that’s probably not what they call them, but that’s what I’ll call them. It’s easier.


4. You’re having a bad hair day?

That’s cute.


5. She got tired of shopping


6. Certainly dramatic


7. You better watch out…

…you better not cry…

…and you better not pout…

Oh wait, maybe it’s fine, Santa came to town but he got you toys from Walmart. Forget what I said.


8. Man boobs

Flaunt it, dude!


9. I’m scared

As in, all the comments I would make for this photo are either highly suggestive or offensive, so I’ll move on.


10. Please, lady, clip your nails before shopping!

Or being in public at all. PLEASE!


11. That’s a fantastic hairstyle

The hairstyle and makeup YouTubers can learn a thing or two from this guy.


12. Nah, what are you talking about?

He had a haircut like, 5 years ago. He doesn’t need one!


13. Dare

He forgot his equipment for the Richard Simmons workout video he was given so he didn’t even bother to change to go pick it up.


14. Sweat stain face!

Look! His sweat stains look like a screaming face!


15. Love seat

This is true love right here.


16. You ain’t ready for this


Have you spotted any particularly funny people in Walmart and think they’re worth sharing? Share them in the comments below!


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