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8 Questions You’d Better Ask Your Partner Before You Tie The Knot


Life finally got better for you and your partner. Luckily, you ended up engaged and you couldn’t be happier. But now, there is still a lot of work to be done. Before you walk down the aisle, you will want to make sure you and your partner are really meant for each other. Before you tie the knot, there are some questions that you need to ask your each other for your own good. You will probably be happy to hear all the answers and glad that you have asked them. Here are the most important ones.


1. What are your financial goals and how do your finances look?


Don’t get disappointed to see money first on the list. Without any money, you wouldn’t really be able to get basic necessities. Also, money can be a great destroyer of happy relationships. That’s why it’s important to evaluate your finances with your partner and be honest about your budget. You wouldn’t want to be surprised in a nasty way afterwards.

2. Are you happy with how chores and household responsibilities are split?


Splitting housework in a way that suits you both is beyond important. Is it 50/50 or do other factors apply here? You need to make a deal about this as it is a great part of living together with your loved one.

3. Do you want to have kids?


This question will eventually pop up and you need to be ready to talk. It’s also not the only question to be asked. Oher questions like how many you want and when you want to have them are also important. Get it all sorted out before you jump to marriage.

4. Do you share religious or spiritual beliefs and are they compatible with your relationship?tie4

If these beliefs are different, it is important to let your partner know and see if they affect your relationship. THis should be done before you jump into marrying the love of your life.

5. What is your relationship with their friends and family?


You can’t change your family and your partner’s family will be there forever. Also, you will spend a lot of time together, so it’s best to be on good terms with them.

6. Are you happy with how often you make love?


This one is also not something to overlook. You need to talk about your partner’s needs. Is there too much, too little or is it just right?

7. How ambitious are you?


Talking about climbing the career ladder is also important. You definitely need to talk about spending time with family and career time, too.

8. What is your approach to health like?


If you are trying to live healthy while your partner wants to have fast food every day, you will probably fight often. Marriage is about making compromises, so you better do the talk about health in advance.

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