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Embrace Your Messy Hair With These Quick And Easy Hairstyles


How many videos have you watched about how to do your hair quick, easy, and looking great? I bet you’ve seen all kinds of them, but this one is particularly special. If you are the messy hair type, this video is the right solution for you. These hairstyles basically celebrate the messiness of your hair. You may have never thought that messy can look sexy and classy, but here you go, this should¬†convince you.

Jordan Lipscombe is a beauty fashion and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube. She has over 650,000 subscribers who tune in to watch her videos, including “How I style My Short Hair” or “Skincare Routine”.
She launched her channel in February 2014 and uploaded her first video in January 2016. Only six months after posting her first video, she managed to reach 100,000 subscribers from all over the world. Jordan is a British girl coming from Hampshire and loves making others happy with her videos.

In the video below, you can see what she does to her hair in just seconds. It looks both messy and stylish at the same time.

Outward braid

hair 1Cute-looking ponytails

hair 2Bun

hair 3A combined braid

hair 4Messy bun

hair 5Add some curls

hair 6All hair up

hair 7

To replicate these messy styles at home hit play on the vide below.

Source:Jordan Lipscombe

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