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Quick And Easy Solution For Every Wine Drinker


I’m proud to call myself a “wino”. No open bottle of wine goes unfinished in my home. We all like a glass of wine, but after a hard day sometimes one glass just isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a bottle – in one swift go.

But if you are on the road it can be very hard to pour yourself a glass of wine. Maybe you are camping with your friends and you don’t have any glasses, maybe you are on a long train journey and you just want a glass of wine, or maybe your boyfriend invites you to a romantic picnic. There was no solution for these kind of situations, until now…


Someone was smart enough to make a wine glass that you can actually attach to your bottle! Amazing, right? You can literally enjoy a whole bottle of wine and you don’t even have to swig from the bottle.

There is a plastic screw at the bottom of the glass which perfectly fit into the neck of your bottle.


This new product is called Guzzle Buddy, looks just like any other extra-large wine glass, except instead of a stem, there’s a spout at the base. Just pop the spout into the neck of your chosen bottle of plonk and get chugging.

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