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These 10 Railways Will Take You On A Scenic Trip Across Japan


Japan is a truly beautiful country, and it hides an almost comically huge amount of natural beauty secrets. The local people are aware of this, so much so that they have set up several trains that will take you on a scenic ride across Japan’s most beautiful areas, and here are the best ones!

1. The Gono Line

These 10 Railways Will Take You On A Scenic Trip Across Japan 1

This line is unique in that it skims right past the Sea’s coastline. In the Resort Shirakami train, you can be treated to shamisen performances with vocals sang in the Tsugaru dialect.

2. The Oigawa Railway

These 10 Railways Will Take You On A Scenic Trip Across Japan 2

This steam train traverses through the scenic Okuoi area of Shizuoka and allows you to see plenty of nature, and there is also the mysterious Okuoikojo Station installed above the lake, among other fascinating sights.

3. The Senmo Line


This line goes through three Hokkaido national parks, those being Kushiro, Akan and Shiretoko, and in winter you can see floes of ice from the Okhotsk Sea.

4. The Aizu Railway


This railway allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature of Aizu and its onsen town. It’s also good that this line is easily accessible from Asakusa and Shinjuku in Tokyo.

5. The Tadami Line


In the winter, the Tadami Line reveals a beautiful hidden winter wonderland covered in snow, while in autumn you can see the beautiful foliage along the ravines.

6. The Sanriku Railway


The Sanriku Railway, specifically the North and South Riasu lines run along the Pacific Coast, and the train stops when looking over the Sanriku Coast to let you take in the view.

7. The Sagano Scenic Railway


A train all about nostalgia powered by a diesel locomotive. Car 5 on this train is an open carriage, and this train goes through the former capital of Japan, Kyoto and lets you see the beautiful ravines.

8. The Himi Line


The train plies a route through the town of Himi, and it’s decorated with Ninja Hattori-kun, as Himi is the hometown of Fujiko Fujio, the creator of the Doraemon manga series.

This line lets us see the dynamism of nature up close.

9. The Minamiaso Railway


A steam locomotive pulls the train, and there are unique windowless carriages. There are thrilling views from bridges and sights of ancient Aso in the form of virgin forests.

10. The Nagaragawa Railway


This train runs the clear streams of the Nagara River. It’s characterized by unique and creative trains and entertaining passengers, and it’s also an important route for locals.

The interior of the carriages and the stops at the train stations are thoughtful and designed around what tourists want.

If you’re planning to travel to Japan, consider these railways if you truly want to see the natural beauty that this country has to offer.


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