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How To Make Rainbow Chocolate Cake | Cakes Style


There’s something amazing about rainbows that makes you want to bat your eyelashes in awe. And that same rainbow theme is what makes other things more appealing, don’t you think?

Like cakes, for example! Kudos to the first person that ever thought of adding gorgeous rainbows to dessert. We know we’re grateful.



And now, we have a video here that will help you make one too. There’s a Vanessa, from a Youtube channel called Cakes Style, and she selflessly shares her own recipe with the world. She’s inspired by the famous ice-cream Streets Rainbow Paddlepop and the crazy cool rainbow chocolate cakes of Katherine Sabbath.

You kind of feel bad for having to cut it, we know. But somehow, we know you’ll manage, because wait ’till you see what’s inside!

Vanessa has been in the profession for decades and she’s been teaching for years. She also posts tons of tutorials and other recipes that will blow your mind.

And now, what you’ll need:

* 8″ round cake – 4 layers of 3/4″ cake – I used 1 1/2 batches of our Vanilla Cupcake recipe
* 1lb 12oz (800g) white chocolate ganache
* 8″ round cardboard cake plate
* 10″ round cake board
* 3 rectangular chocolate mold trays – each with six 4″ x 2″ rectangles
* 2lb (900g) white chocolate
* 4 containers to place chocolate into
* Flo-coat –
* Americolor food gel paste colors
Pink – Soft pink
Blue – Sky Blue
Yellow – Lemon Yellow
Purple – 2 parts Electric Purple, 1 part Regal Purple
* 4 piping bags
* spaluta
* scraper
* turntable (optional)
* bamboo skewer or toothpick
* Assortment of gumballs, sugar-coated chocolate balls, 4mm sugar pearls and sprinkles

We know, it seems like it would take a master chef to do this. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!


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