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Learn How To Decorate A Delicious Rainbow Cake


Decorating is very important when you dabble into the art of cakes. Besides the taste, it should look yummy on the outside too. If you are running out of ideas, we can share one with you. You will probably like it because it involves a rainbow!

Yes, a rainbow birthday cake decoration.

YouTube channel named Got Cake? is sharing with us a very fun and easy technique that makes things look pretty delicious. Using simple kitchen tools and only with a little creativity, your rainbow cake will be out of this world. Let’s see how:


  • Filling
  • Melted chocolate
  • Kitchen tool
  • Sprinkles, candy
  • Flower decorations

rainbow 1

How to do it

After you’re done with your cake, it’s time for decoration. Using different colors of filling you will start applying them one by one along the cake. Then, by using a flat kitchen tool you will smoothen up the lines you just made with rainbow colors. In the center of the cake, you will apply the melted chocolate. Put candy, sprinkles and flower decorations in the front and on one side of the cake.

rainbow 2

How amazing is that?

Imagine being able to produce this piece of perfect confectionary on your own. Such an accomplishment, right? Well, apparently, it’s supposed to be easy. Let’s see if we’re up for it.

rainbow 3

To see more of the process, press play down below. Enjoy!

Source:Got Cake?

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