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Rainbow Roots Is The Latest Insane(ly Cool) Hair Trend


Hair trends seem to be constantly changing. There’s always someone trying some new insane color or hairstyle, usually with mixed results.

But this latest hair trend is one that will definitely keep you looking.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the latest hair trend, rainbow roots!

This latest trend involves applying a plethora of colors to the roots, so it forms the “rainbow” when the wind blows and exposes them.

A video by Blondes of Melbourne featuring this new trend on Instagram was uploaded over a month ago and is blowing up.

Karen, the owner of the salon explains what this style is all about:

“Once your hair is blonde it’s pretty simple,” Karen explains.

“The vibrant colours are applied in an alternating pattern, the process takes about 30 mins and voila: rainbow roots!”

“Again, for brunettes who are interested in trying the look, the roots have to be lightened first. But don’t be put off by that.”

“With great products like Olaplex these days, bleach is nothing to be afraid of,” Karen says.

“Plus, a bit of bleach at your roots means you don’t have to wash your hair as often and will give your hair body and volume. So, really, everyone should be putting bleach in their hair.”

Rainbow Roots Is The Latest Insane(ly Cool) Hair Trend 1

When asked if it’s different to rainbow hair:

“Yes, absolutely. Because it’s only applied to the roots of the hair, this trend is a little different to your everyday rainbow hair, meaning “it’s a lot softer” and “less in your face”, according to Karen.

“It can be a subtle, hidden rainbow painted closer to the scalp, or stretched out further through the mid-lengths of the hair to show more of the rainbow off.”

Karen believes those with a “hidden wild streak” are best suited to getting this colorful root job.

After all, it’s conservative at first, “with flashes of rainbow in the wind”.

How long will the effect last?

“This totally depends on how often someone will wash their hair, what kind of products they’re using, and the shades involved.”


“Vibrant colours always hold much longer than pastels as they have more pigment in them,” Karen explains.

“As with all hair colour its very important to use salon quality products prescribed by your hairdresser when washing as this will preserve your colour, while being best-suited to your hair type.”

Is rainbow hair just here to stay now?

“I think it has become a lot more accepted for people to have non-natural coloured hair in the workplace, so definitely more popular, and very addictive,” Karen says.


If you’ve got a not so hidden wild streak, why not give this style a try? You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd!


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