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Cake Style Shows Us How To Make A Rainbow Rosette Cake


The explanation behind rainbows is really scientific, so we’re going to try to simplify it for you.

Essentially, rainbows happen because the light from the sun reflects in the water droplets from the rain which creates a multi-colored spectrum of light.


That’s the simplest explanation for a rainbow that’s currently possible.

While rainbows are commonly seen as something to slap onto something to decorate it with, in truth, seeing a rainbow in real life is a whole other story.

I can assure you, it’s an amazing experience to look at a rainbow. Those colors shining through, and in general the appearance of it all, is just such a sight to behold.

Well anyway, enough scientific stuff. Let’s talk about cakes! Don’t you just love eating cakes? They are quite a favored treat amongst people, and it’s not hard to see why. Cakes are a delicious confectionary that are hard not to love. Pretty and tasty!

So, we mention rainbows, and we mention cakes. Can you see where this is going?

Yeah, we found a recipe for a rainbow rosette cake.

This recipe by Cake Style is really unique, because not only does it feature rainbowing colors, but they’re also applied in a rose pattern.

The cook starts off by layering three cake bases on top of each other.


She mixes up several bowls of frosting with different colors of food coloring, and then proceeds to apply them with rosette shapes onto the cake, creating something that, it must be said, is really really cool.


If you want to prepare this amazing colorful cake yourself, check out the video below:


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