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Rainbow Unicorn Cake

rainbow cake

Elena from Cakes StepByStep always succeeds in surprising us with her creative cake ideas that come from the widest possible variety of sources. Today we bring you a tutorial for a wondrous unicorn cake. There are rainbow motifs and the’re sure to be the highlight of any event or party.


And we don’t know about you, but we love a unicorn theme.

Unicorns are legendary mythical creatures that have captured the imagination of mankind ever since the antiquity. They are referenced in many ancient cultures, as well as the Bible and European folklore. In modern times, they are a frequent theme in fantasy literature and films, including the Harry Potter series.


The cake is a basic blue vanilla sponge cake with piping swirl roses using seven different buttercream colors icing. The unicorn look is completed with a simple but convincing ice-cream cone. You can find the recipes for the sponge cake and the buttercream in the video description.

Source:Cakes StepByStep

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