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Rajang The Orangutan Shows A Lot Of Love To His Visitors


Rajang the Orangutan from the Colchester Zoo has been delighting the visitors of this zoological garden in Essex, England for decades, but recent years have also brought him global fame through numerous viral videos of his adorable exploits.

Rajang is a 48-year old part-Bornean and part-Sumatran orangutan. These two species are the only great apes native to Asia. They are highly intelligent and share approximately 97% of their DNA with humans. Rajang was born on the 14th of June, 1968 at the Zoo in Chester, from where he was moved to Colchester 12 years later.

Visitors and zoo staff love this fascinating ape because he’s extremely interactive. You will find numerous videos of Rajang doing all kinds of shenanigans online, from trying his hand at magic tricks to assisting men proposing to their fiancées.

But he is perhaps best known for the affection he shows pregnant ladies. Leanne Fuller told Daily Mail of the extraordinary experience of visiting the Colchester Zoo with her pregnant wife Kerri.

“As soon as he saw her, he came over from the back of his enclosure and was pointing at her bump. After a while, he leaned forward for a better look and very solemnly and gently gave it a little kiss. Our favorite bit is the look he gave her afterwards, just so sweet and gentle for such a huge guy!”

Rajang first became an internet sensation in 2015, when Masie Knight shared a video which went viral of the orangutan kissing her baby bump. Afterwards, the Zoo took to their Facebook page to explain the phenomenon.

“Rajang has always been a curious orangutan!” they wrote. “He loves belly buttons, scars and of course baby bumps! His inquisitive way means he loves to interact with visitors particularly those who might be expecting!”

Check out the video to see Rajang’s amazing show of affection!


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