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Meet Ralph, The Cutest Golden Retriever Peeking Under His Gate To Catch-Up With A Friend


It is time to take a moment to meet a golden retriever whose character is going to make your day. This breed is especially famous for their friendliness, but in the case of Ralph, his affection is even more pronounced than usual. The wheat-haired pup from Lakewood, California has struck a friendship with an everyday passer-by, despite his mobility being impeded by a low gate guarding the front yard where he resides.


Ralph’s home is on-route to a local high school, and the dog has become best friends with Elisa Lee, a local high school senior who passes by his gate every day.


Invariably, Ralph waits every day for Elisa to show up and for them to hang out for a while before she continues to school. The 18-year-old student shared her under-the-gate friendship story on Twitter and the unlikely pair were suddenly a viral hit.


Lee told BuzzFeed that she would always see the dog’s nose peeping from under the gate, but she was initially worried that if she stroked it, he might bite her.

“Days passed and he was still waiting there, so one of my friends encouraged me to try to pet him,” she said. Their incredible connection took off immediately.


“I told his owner I pet him all the time, and also asked him what’s his name, and he told me it was Ralph,” Lee says.


Golden retrievers are the third most popular family dog breed in the United States. Their gentle, friendly temperament has made them one of the most popular choices for disability assistance dogs, guard dogs, hearing dogs, while their intelligence makes them easy to train as detection dogs and search and rescue participants.


Fame has only strengthened Ralph and Elisa’s friendship. “I told him he’s famous,” she wrote under this picture posted after yet another catching-up by the gate.



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