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This Guy Drops A Few Seemingly Random Items Into A Hot Frying Pan On The Stove


YouTube seems to be, depending on your point of view, just a tiny bit oversaturated by insane experiments.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the “GLOWING 1000 degree knife vs. [insert totally random out of context item here]” videos which were so popular they were actually noticed by YouTube themselves.

It’s not just that, there’s a ton of different cool, if not slightly insane experiments all over YouTube. While debatably there are a lot, they’re still quite fun to watch.

And, here we have such an example, where this guy puts random items (like toothpaste) in a hot frying pan

frying 1

This video is interesting, but it seems kind of pointless. He just wasted a few useful products by frying them in a pan.

Alright alright, I know I’m getting a little bit too critical here. Let me actually talk you through this video.

Well the guy starts by frying a bar of soap

frying 2

He then carries on by frying a couple of sponges

I will admit that it’s fun to watch the sponges melt like that

frying 3

frying 4He then proceeds to fry a tube of toothpaste

This is actually where the video got its name

frying 5And finally, he squeezes some toothpaste into the pan to finish the video off

frying 6It’s a little bit weird, but it’s still cool to see how all the stuff deforms and all goes crazy. If you like those types of scientific experiments, you probably should check out this video.


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