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12 Random Pictures To Make You Laugh And Lift Your Spirits


You’ve been working all day long, you’re tired, frustrated, mildly bored, and in a desperate need for a break. You’ve come to the right place. Because here we have some random hilarious pictures, compiled by Diply, that are guaranteed to lift the mood, even of the most miserable of people. Only the Internet can come up with stuff like this. Enjoy!

1. Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can

The new and improved Spider-Man also gives motivational speeches.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

2. Just shower thoughts

This fundamentally important question has been plaguing humanity for ages…


Source: Instagram | @thebraintickle

3. Careful what you wish for

Photoshop master did his job correctly. You failed to specify the exact coordinates where the face should be placed.



Source: Reddit | closingloops

4. One out of three ain’t bad…

I wonder what the father and the baby were looking at? The father’s like “Yes, yes, come on!” and the baby is like “Oh, no, not again!”



Source: Reddit | [deleted]

5. Photo courtesy of the giant turtle

Everyone is wrong! The Earth isn’t flat, and it isn’t round. It’s a half sphere!


Source: Reddit | wishiwascooltoo

6. Only in Walmart

That’s not a dog, officer! It’s my son!


Source: Reddit | MattCloudy

7. Irony at its finest

It could prevent others from using the cycling lane, but not itself. Ironic.


Source: Reddit | m8tee

8. Someone saw an opportunity and took it

A combination of a pun and toilet humour is a guarantee for a high-quality read.


Source: Reddit | SuperSeagull01

9. Creepy? No, not at all.

Amazon’s latest invention for quick delivery: the packages can now walk on their own!


Source: Reddit | Arr-arr

10. It’s something!

You can’t go more vegan than raw vegatables, now, can you?


Source: Instagram | @kttiens

11. So cute!

Trash panda needs to chill too!


Source: Reddit | hcdshjekjfhds

12. Yzma, is that you?

This chicken is on its way to release its latest fashion collection.


Source: Reddit | bacon_is_just_okay
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