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30 Random And Strange Things People Have Stumbled Upon


Ever randomly stumbled upon something strange or kinda scary? These people did, and depending on the type of person you are, you’ll either laugh or you’ll be scarred for life.

1. “I found this in my Froot Loops this morning,” wrote mrsenorsir

Yeah, I think I’ll stick to Krave.

30 Random And Strange Things People Have Stumbled Upon 1

Source: Reddit | mrsenorsir

2. An animal enthusiast in Australia

The guy climbs into a hole and fishes out a giant crab. Apparently, when he tried doing this before, he nearly lost his fingers.

3. Living branches made this tunnel in the forest

It’s harmless, but I’d still feel skeptical about walking through it. Could be a trap.


Source: Reddit | Horrorshow13

4. Now for something funnier

“This pebble I found on the beach looks like a ghost,”


Source: Reddit | diodenkn

5. A moment of silence for the person/people that moved here

“This was found in an abandoned house. Impressive artwork but damn,” wrote GrahamSaysNO.


Source: Reddit | GrahamSaysNO

6. A red triangle slug, commonly found in Australia

And if you need more reasons not to visit Australia apart from this…


Source: Reddit | C0R3YM4N

7. Bugs Bunny on meth?

That’s the vibe I’m getting from this.


Source: Imgur | LariFari153

8. A bee nest in someone’s attic

I would move out the same moment if I saw this!


Source: Reddit

9. An amazing hairstyle

“Found this picture of me 15 years ago hanging up at my grandmothers today at Thanksgiving,” wrote Atyrius. Glad to see you changed it, pal.


Source: Reddit | Atyrius

10. This looks like an enemy Super Mario would stomp on

I can tell you for sure, if I saw it I would stomp on it.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

11. Look at this ice formation!

Looks like one of those old telephone cords. Strange!


Source: Reddit | nonconstant

12. Thanks to a genetic mutation, pink grasshoppers exist

So… what do we call these? Azaleahoppers?


Source: Reddit | Wolfhole

13. “Found this guy just sitting there at 30m,” wrote WhileTrue_.

Was probably placed here intentionally, but it looks like a great setup for a horror movie.


Source: Reddit | WhileTrue_

14. This creepy lizard that has three tails that BiodieselBuck found at their grandmother’s place

Three. Tails. Maybe it doesn’t go back when he tears it off, so he has a couple of backups.


Source: Reddit | BiodieselBuck

15. A seashell that looks like a human heart

So strange! There’s no scale comparison here but if it’s actually the same size as one, that would be terrifying.


Source: Reddit | PalestraItalia

16. Why would anyone carve a face like this into a piece of gum?

I know that piece of gum doesn’t have any feelings, but I feel sorry for it nonetheless.


Source: Reddit | creme_caviar

17. A phone booth dragged into the middle of the woods

How did the person that did this get a hold of it and how were they not too lazy to load it up into a vehicle and just leave it here?


Source: Imgur | DavidGreenComic

18. “I stumbled upon this upside-down house in Malaysia,” wrote jollymelancholy.

Some serious drugs were used by the architect, from what I can see here.


Source: Reddit | jollymelancholy

19. Found in the woods of the Czech Republic

You know even this thing is millennial, cause it wears Uggs!


Source: Reddit | _BLACK_BY_NAME_

20. A secret room hidden behind these shelves

Just think of all the stuff you can hide there…


Source: Reddit | erikaatheistsen182

21. This horrifying find took place after it actually happened, believe it or not

“Person found this photo when checking their GoPro after surfing,” wrote vkapustin.


Source: Reddit | vkapustin

22. Someone has been spying

This is why you need curtains or blinds.


Source: Reddit | stearnsy13

23. Just… why…

“My wife just found this sitting on her father’s bed,” wrote ValencourtMusic. If the guy says that he doesn’t know how it got there, burn down the house and get the hell out of there.


Source: Reddit | ValencourtMusic

24. What makes this image horrifying is the backstory…

“Woke up to a loud banging sound coming from my front door. Found this. I live in the country without neighbors,” wrote Rustafo.

Dude, just move out. Now.


Source: Reddit | Rustafo

25. Distorted woman on Google Earth


Source: Reddit | journeyman369

26. This tree looks just like the Scream mask


Source: Reddit | shahzebelahi

27. Oh look, it’s the monkey from¬†Toy Story 3!

And it’s just as terrifying in real life!


Source: Reddit | mostly_grapes

28. You have to hear the backstory. It’s messed up.

“So my parents just moved into a new house and found this on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. I know which room I won’t be staying in,” wrote taymhaston.


Source: Reddit | taymhaston

29. This is the real way to unclog a toilet

Attach a plunger to a pogo stick. I’d love to see what that looks like.


Source: Reddit | ZombieLibrarian

30. It’s not horrifying. It’s a kitten


Source: ReddIt | butitsa10-33

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