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Rapper Dizzy Wright’s New Album Is Called “State Of Mind 2”


The American rapper, La’Reonte Wright, or better known by his stage name, Dizzy Wright, released “State Of Mind 2” with no promotion or pre-order. After he released his album “The Golden Age 2” on 11th August this year, he admitted that this surprise album would help raise your conciseness and set your goals for 2018.

This project’s major strength is its consistency and the production is very colorful. But it isn’t much like something that hasn’t been heard from Dizzy before.

The 27-years-old rapper boasts 12 new songs and features the likes of  Larry June as well as Jon Connor and Demrick. The ‘Train your mind’ singer has revealed the reason why he put out two LPs so close together on social media, and his motives seem to be pretty selfless.

“This project is to raise your conciseness,” Dizzy said in the Twitter announcement. “I know I just dropped Golden Age 2 not too long ago, and some of y’all are still getting familiar. Some of y’all been riding to it for a while. I’m dropping the bomb on y’all. I’m trying to help y’all journey off into 2018 with the right mindset, and with the gems I feel like y’all need.”
He continued, “I didn’t do no promotion, no pre-orders. I ain’t got no management. It’s just ya gwalla giving y’all what I feel like y’all need.”

Here is Dizzy Wright’s State of Mind 2 Album Tracklist, released November 23rd 2017

1. “No Rush”
2. “Alkaline Diet”
3. “Gold and Silver Circles” Feat. Demrick & Audio Push
4. “Connect the Dots” Feat. Larry June
5. “F**k Yo Attitude”
6. “Pay Attention” Feat. Reezy
7. “You Ain’t Right Within” Feat. Ill Camille
8. “Flatline”
9. “Apart of the Plan” Feat. Jon Connor
10. “Wanna Remind You”
11. “Making Plays” Feat. AD
12. “I Got Control” Feat. Chelle


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