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Eleven Brilliant DIYs Made With Rare, Unusual Materials


When it comes to DIY, there are materials that are considered classics: pallets, wood, old furniture, and cement. But what about Doing It Yourself with rare and unusual materials you wouldn’t think of? The beauty of the DIY ethic is that literally anything is a possible project, and that’s no overstatement. There is no material that cannot be re-used, it’s all about imagination and inventiveness. We are bringing you a list of DIY projects that deserve your attention!

1. Dryer lint

In most cases, the life of dryer lint is short: it goes straight out of the trap into the trash. Would you believe that dryer lint can become a highly decorative ornament? It can, and here’s how!


Source: YouTube | Classy Cheapskate

2. Radicchio

The stalk of a radicchio makes a perfect rose stamp! If you don’t have it, you can alternatively use celery.


Source: Martha Stewart

3. Toilet Paper Rolls

When you’re out of paper, make sure you save these roles. It is difficult to believe this beautiful piece of wall art was made completely from recycled toilet paper rolls.


Source: Cut Out + Keep

4. Plastic soda bottle

The bottom of a plastic soda bottle can make great cherry blossom wall art.


Source: Alpha Mom

5. Dryer vents

Dryer vents repurposed as pumpkins? Who knew?


Source: This Mama Loves

6. Bubble wrap

Apparently, there is more to bubble wrap than its soothing, relaxing qualities.


Source: Jewelry Upcycled!

7. Plastic spoons

Melted plastic spoons make beautiful rose petals. You can turn the roses into a necklace or use them as an embellishment for other projects.


Source:Cut Out + Keep

8. Pool noodles

We bet you had no idea pool noodles can be such an easy-to-do and inexpensive decor, right?


Source:Miss Kopy Kat

9. Cat litter pail

Witty, affordable, ingenious!


Source: The Kim Six Fix

10. Light bulbs

Cover burnt out light bulbs with twine, glue a stick to the bottom, and they will look just like pears!


Source: Todd & Lindsey

11. Pistachio shells

If you love pistachios you’ll love this DIY – especially as you need to consume a lot to complete it!


Source: Ks Craft Shack

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