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Meet The Rarest Triplets In The World Living With Their Adopted Family


Life is far from simple for the Iowa family who happens to have the rarest triplets in the world. Darla and Jeff Harrison are the parents of six children now. The rarest triplets were born in California, two of them being conjoined. Luckily, after the doctors succeeded in separating them, the Garrisons adopted them and moved to Indianola, Iowa. What is so special about this family?

Darla, a homemaker, and Jeff, a construction worker, had previously welcomed neglected foster children into their home. Besides having three biological healthy boys – Tyler, Matt, and Luke, they always wanted to expand their biological family.



Although they had three sons already, they were more than happy to help these girls because their biological family had issues with addiction. They welcomed the girls with an open heart.



At the same time, the triplets Marcy, McKenzie, and Madeline from California were born, they were given up for adoption. Macey and Mackenzie were born conjoined.



This condition is extremely rare and only happens in one out of 200,000 births.  Luckily, doctors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles succeeded in separating them.


After 9 months, Macy and McKenzie underwent surgery in order to separate them.



The Garrisons thought this would give them an opportunity to live a more normal life. They both got prosthetic legs and two yers later, the Garrisons adopted all three girls and moved from California to a farm in Indianola, Iowa.



Since then, Macey and Mackenzie have thrived, says Linda Kontis, cofounder of the foster-care agency that placed them.


Nowadays, the girls live happily with their family in Iowa. Their parents say they are very brave and beautiful. Darla and Jeff wanted to give these girls the same country upbringing they had when they grew up. They have since learned a lot of new things, such as how to ride a horse.


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