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Summer Get Ready With Me Tutorial


When you’re trying to decide the everyday summer look for this year, it is important to try different looks and products and then chose the ones that stay longer and better on your face. But if you need a little inspiration to find that perfect look, this tutorial will help you.

Christen Dominique is now a very famous YouTube makeup artist who has reached 2.5 million subscribers on her channel. I mean, can you blame us? She has everything! Including a tutorial right now, that will help us pick a summer look, and that’s important.

So let’s see what we’ll be doing all summer:


She starts first with a primer to make her face makeup last longer. She likes to go full coverage so she applies a foundation, concealer and contours her face for more definition. Of course she doesn’t forget about bronzer, blush and highlighter.

summer 1


For the eyes, she creates a brown smokey eye look with some shiny glitters on the lids. Christen follows up with an eyeliner and then finishes with Huda false lashes and mascara.

summer 2


Since this is a summer inspired look, lips have to be a little more bright. She puts on a bright pink lipstick.

summer 3

If you guys want to see this look by yourself, click down below and enjoy! Everything looks so summer-y and fresh. Makes me want to reach for my makeup bag, like right now.

Summer, here we come!

Source:Christen Dominique

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