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The real answer why the buttons on men’s and women’s shirts are on opposite sides


Have you ever wondered why there is a difference  is some of the same pieces of clothing man and women wear? Man and women wear trousers, t-shirts,  shirts etc. Some times even the prints and the designs are the same. The function is the same. Yet there is something different. The buttons on the shirts are on different sides. So, why?

There is an interesting answer to this question which takes us back to the history.  It’s not a mystery.




Can you picture in your head how were the people living back in the 13th century?  Button’s were very expensive at this time, and only the higher, rich class could afford to have buttons on their clothes, fashion historians are explaining. Wealthy women had  maids to dress them. For the right handed maids it was  easier if the buttons were on the left side.

Men dressed themselves, and its logical to have the buttons on the right side.  Also men had to wear uniforms and they had to be able  to  reach for the weapon  inside the shirt easily.

There is one more explanation why the buttons remained to be on different sides. Back in the  1880s it was illegal for women to dress same as men. With this little difference in the buttoning women could confirm that they are wearing female clothes.


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