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Did You Know These 11 Dragons Actually Exist?

Komodo Dragon

You probably clicked this thinking ‘what do you mean actually exist?‘ Sounds weird, but they do. And no, before you start building images in your head, they’re not ‘Game of Thrones’ dragons, they’re outside the mythical world.

We have the Komodo dragon, that can grow up to 10 ft and can eat a wild animal. They even have venomous saliva that could kill you. Maybe they’re the inspiration behind all that mythology? And isn’t it fascinating, how their skin looks so… prehistoric? Like it was brought here with a time machine. I can’t really decide if it looks cute, or scary.

And how about that snake with actual scales on its body? Suddenly, an explanation becomes more and more clear, as to where Nordic mythological stories come from.

Mind blown, huh? Would you keep one as a pet? Or would you run for miles if you saw one?

Source:Facts Verse

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