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A Real Eye-Opener: What Guys REALLY Think Of Your Body?

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NEVER EVER base the opinion you have about yourself on what other people think about you.

Now that we’ve got that settled, it’s time to say what guys actually think about your body. Just so, you can see, that if you’ve been obsessing over something they say, or think, you’ve been wasting your time. Precious time where you could’ve been standing in front of your mirror and loving yourself. And not caring what anyone has to say, as long as you’re in love with you.

Men think you’re attractive, even when you think you’re not.

Yes, we don’t always agree on what’s attractive. For every time you think your boobs are too small, there’s a guy loving how that bralette looks on you. Everytime you beat yourself up over not wearing makeup, a guy loves your natural look.

Source:Brittanie Loren Pendleton

You can get them to look at the body parts you like

You can point men’s direction towards the body parts you like, and draw attention away from what you don’t like. Which may be risky, because that can be exactly the part they like.

Source:Matt Greenfield

Confidence makes ALL the difference

This cannot be emphasized enough. Confidence makes you sexy, as well as attitude. That attitude you like on that guy you met and found him sexy because of it? Works both ways!

Source:Alex Crossland

Men look at your figure

We don’t get to choose our genes, but we do get to choose how we feel about it. And men look at the proportions, between the hips, waist and busts. A figure easily achieved with any body type and fashion.


Wrinkles are not that big of a deal

Just get over it. We age. They love it. They don’t even care.

Source:Jessica Lucia

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