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Twelve Real Life Curious Benjamin Button-Like Children


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a short story by legendary American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald published in 1922 about a man who is born with a physical appearance of a 70-year-old and ages in reverse throughout his life to die as a baby. It was made into a successful movie in 2008 starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett which was nominated for thirteen Academy Awards and went on to win three. The truth is, there are numerous real-life Benjamin Buttons living around the world: children with extremely rare medical conditions which make their lives not alike anything most of us can imagine. Read up on the twelve most fascinating ones.

1. Asher Nash


Asher’s mom wanted him to participate in a photoshoot for kids with special needs. When he was rejected, she started a campaign which resulted in this little boy who has Down Syndrome getting a modeling contract.

2. Bayezid Hossain


Suffering from an incredibly rare condition called progeria which ages the body rapidly, this boy from Bangladesh looks 80 but is actually five years old.

3. Hyomyung Shin


Hyomyung is popularly called the Peter Pan of Korea – as despite his childlike looks he is actually 26 years old.

4. Tessa Evans


Born without a nose, this little cutie was the first child to undergo a nasal implant in 2015.

5. Shiloh Pepin


Shiloh was affectionately called The Mermaid Girl as her legs are fused together at the waist. She sadly passed away in 2009 aged 10.

6. Pan Xianhang


Also Known As The Fish Boy, Pan suffers from a rare inherited skin condition called ichthyosis and requires constant care.

7. Jaxon Buell



Jaxon was dubbed Jaxon Strong as he was given minimal chances to survive due to being born with only half a brain, he continues to defy the odds to this day. His parents have since founded the non-for-profit Jaxon Strong Foundation.

8. Johncris Carl Quirante


This Filipino boy has more teeth than any other human being – close to 300!

9. Ben Underwood


After losing his eyesight to cancer, Ben developed a kind of eco-location which allowed him to “see” the world like a bat does. He sadly passed away in 2009 aged 17. His mother has since published a book about life with Ben titled Echoes of an Angel.

10. Charlotte Garside


Charlotte, called a living doll, has primordial dwarfism and weighed a little over nine pounds at age 9.

11. Adalia Rose


Source:Adalia Rose

This little sweetheart, also diagnosed with progeria, is a social media maverick with nearly 14.5 million followers on Facebook.

12. Richard Sandrak


Ukraine-born Richard was once touted as the “World’s Strongest Child”. He is now twenty-five and working as a stuntman for Universal Studios in California.

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