A Real-Life Ken Has Been Through The Horrors, He Lost One Parent. Now He Is Fighting For Two Lives


Since the American toy company chose him for the Ken double, Iliyan Iliev the 22-year-old from Bulgaria, says his life is not easy. He hopes he will find true love.

In an interview for Metdaan Iliyan said: “I can say that the last year of my life was a complete horror. My mother had cancer in 2011, and we thought she was cured, but now it’s back. This time, doctors diagnosed she has liver cancer. My father died just a few months after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was tough for me. I had severe depression, and I have started to suffer from panic attacks. Most of my friends have abandoned my family and me.”



“I do not like to use the word anorexia, but I suffered many difficulties because of my depression. Due to the problems in the family, I could not eat. I became 40 kg, the initial phase of anorexia. Now I am much better. I weigh 55 kg now. It was a challenging and long battle for me. I have already stabilized, and I eat plenty of healthy food now. I had to take care of myself because I know that my mother needs me. She is the only family I have now.” Iliyan said.



Although many consider Iliyan to be a  good looking 22-year-old mode, hel said he found very few girls were interested in a relationship with him. He revealed that the only people that were interested in sex with him were married, men or women. As he explained, he is fed up with rumors about himself.

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