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Real-life Rapunzel Can Now Wear Her Hair Like A Dress As It’s So Long


Have you ever imagined meeting Rapunzel in real life? Well, now you can, because there is a real blonde whose hair is so long she can wear it as a dress! 32-year-old Malgorzata Kulczyk’s hair is all natural, and she lives in East London, planning to study IT. This lady stopped having regular trims in September 2015, but she keeps her hair in excellent condition. She has kept her hair long since she was seven years long! And it seems like there is no cutting it, or is there?

“None of my friends and family wanted to trim it for me because they said it was still in good condition, so I stopped having it done. It was knee length then and now it reaches my ankles. I can’t see myself ever cutting it. I can’t imagine myself with short hair – nobody would recognize me,” she told the Daily Mail.


Here she is, wrapping her hair and wearing it like a dress. A fun thing to do, don’t you think?


The aspiring IT student actually has a tradition of keeping her hair in good shape. She uses a homemade coconut oil mask.


Imagine blow drying? It must be a nightmare for her! It’s not so bad, though, as it only takes 20 minutes. However, if Malgorzata leaves it to dry naturally it can take hours, naturally.

“My hair is what I’m known for. People are so positive about it. Wherever I go, they smile at me and compliment me,” she says.

Malgorzata recalled having bottom-length hair when she was only seven-years-old. A long time ago, M.! Her hair is glossy nowadays thanks to her homemade mask she applies a couple of times a week.

She uses different recipes, but mainly coconut oil, which sits on her hair for half an hour, before she washes it off.


Of course, people always smile at her and give her compliments whenever she is out.


In terms of keeping her hair tidy, she explains: “Sometimes, I’ll go to sleep with it wet, and wake up the next morning with it still not dry.”

Malgorzata wears her hair in a bun or a ponytail, although she also experiments with braids. She can also plait it in 49 strands.


That takes only a few minutes, as she is so used to it.


Well, there must be a way to keep her hair out of the way!


“People are always amazed by how quick it is. My friends will say, ‘You have so much hair, I thought it’d take you way longer,” Malgorzata says of her skills.


“I’ve never had any problems with my hair. I’m so used to it being long and I keep it in good condition.”


In June 2016, Malgorzata even decided to set up an Instagram page dedicated to her hair.


She admitted that she gets positive messages about her hair on a daily basis.


“I get so many lovely messages every day, even just to check in and see how I am,” she said.


“Wherever I go, I’m known as the girl with the long hair.”


It seems like maintaining such a head of hair is not so hard after all!

Believe it or not, she isn’t the only real Rapunzel out there! Here‘s the Russian version.

Source: dailymail

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