These Real X-Rays Will Change The Way You Look At Your Own Body

Real X-Rays

Since 1895 when Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen invented the X-ray, doctors and scientists are using it to see the ailments inside the body. Most often we do x- rays when we suspect we have a broken bone. But many animators are using X-ray pictures as part of their cartoon animations and comics.

The British artist Hugh Turvey has used this technology for inspiration for nearly 20 years. He turns body x-rays into works of art. He describes his medium as “xogram,” a marriage of photography and x-rays where he often gives his images a bit of color to enhance the experience.

He became the British Institute of Radiology “Artist in Residence” in 2009 and he admits he sees the world differently from everyone else. “I view most of the world around me in terms of how I imagine it is internally and how it would look if we were to try and x-ray it,” explains Hugh.


Femme Fatale is Turvey’s wife foot.


This family is on vacation in Paris.


Turvey has worked for the British Institute of Radiology since 2009.


The artist has also created an app, X is for X-ray, an educational tool for kids.


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