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The Puerto Rican Reality Star Claims The Kardashians Are Stealing Her Style


It’s a hard fashion battle out there, you guys. A constant competition about who wears who, who donned it first and who wears it better. The high-end designers have been busy, and it’s quite normal, I think, to be caught wearing the same thing as someone you maybe share a career with. You know, celeb career and all.

So, when someone goes on TV and says you’re copying them, when it only seems like you shop in the same store, what do you do? Is it credible? We have a case like that, and we’ll let you decide yourself.

Possibly the most famous family in the world, (need I say it?) the Kardashians are always on top of the world when it comes to fashion, dressed well, or at least interesting more often than not. However, Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez has something to say about it.


The 30-years-old actress and reality TV personality claims that her poor lifestyle led her to having a superior fashion sense.

Okay, we get that. Makes sense.


On the other hand, we can say that the Kardashians, (the Jenner girls especially) never really had financial trouble. Which is why Joseline is convinced that their occasional street style can be nothing more than – unoriginality.

In fact, she goes as far as saying that they’re all copying her style.

“The PuertoRican Princess” made her appearance on the daytime talk show The Real. As she was talking, she made it cleas that all of the Kardashians have been stealing her style.

Moreover, the talk became even juicier when they asked her: Who wore these boots better?


The host Jeannie Mai asked Joseline, “I saw on Baller Alert’s Instagram page that they recently put up a ‘who wore it better’ picture between you and Miss Kylie Jenner. And I want to know who wore it better because it was those Balenciaga thigh high purple boots people. So Kylie rocked them in a sequin shirt dress while you wore them on our show with a black dress and an Alice and Olivia coat, which I love. It’s like a kimono piece, right. So audience, who do you think? Who wore the boots the best?”

Source:The Real Daytime

Joseline immediately clapped back saying that “she copies me, Kim K copies me, all of them copy me. Real street style comes from the streets…girls like me. The girls that are fly. The girls that don’t have that much money to be able to afford $2,000 boots.”

Erm, okay.


That was not all. She also adds: “All the rappers, the singers, the Instagram girls, they all follow me. This is what they want to be.”

This woman is confident!

As expected, there’s an someone from Kylie’s side to tell a rather unpleasant story for Joseline. Hollywood Life reports that this source said that , “When Kylie heard what Joseline said about being her ‘mama,’ she was like ‘Who?’ Kylie does not follow her fashion styles because she doesn’t really know who she is. She thinks her comments are ridiculous and she knows Kim would feel the exact same way.”

Oh, my.


Whether Kylie really doesn’t know who Joseline is, or simply does, but doesn’t really care, we have no idea. Is it safe to say though, that however beautiful she is (and she is), Joseline Hernandez statements might be a little too far-fetched?

Ah, well. Celebrity world is never boring at least.


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