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The Reason Bridesmaids Wear The Same Dress Is Nightmarish!




Bridesmaids’ dresses can be gorgeous, but let’s face it, they’re usually ugly. Even Hollywood taught us to be afraid of them. The tradition of bridesmaids wearing the same dresses is one of many harmless ones we do today, but the story behind this is a nightmare.

Today, the process is a pain in the neck, and anyone who’s ever been a bridesmaid can confirm. You have to be on time for the fittings, the bride changes her mind, you have to agree to many things you normally wouldn’t… Especially if your bride is one of those who likes to put the bridesmaids into something horrible, just so she can be the most beautiful girl in the room.


But, we did mention a nightmare, and not today’s nightmare of handling a bridezilla.

The main reason to dress bridesmaids in the same dress was to cause confusion.


Well, the concept of bridesmaids arised in ancient Roman times, and they weren’t there just to help the bride get ready. Plus, they didn’t only match each other, they matched the bride. So, back then, it wasn’t tacky, it was crucial.


The Romans believed that happy occasions attracted evil spirits. Paranormal, or ex-suitors, nevertheless, so to keep the engaged couple safe, their friends dressed in matching wedding atire.

So, don’t eat me, eat my friend. Yeah.

The threat of demonic wedding crashers petered out by the Victorian era, when brides began to dress more elaborately than their maids. Unfortunately for some modern bridesmaids, the superstitious uniform stuck, and the idea of matching bridesmaids lives on.

Source:Bel Fiore Weddings

And this isn’t the only tradition dating back to the Romans. There were bachelor parties too, which traditionally started with a feast to commend the groom-to-be and ended with kidnapping the future bride.

Oh, and the purpose of groomsmen? Originally called bride knights, their job was to provide backup when the groom would steal the bride from the angry relatives.

Weren’t we supposed to have cake, and dance a little, you guys? What’s with all this brutality?

What do you think? Any other ancient traditions that you’ve witnessed at a wedding?


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