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3 Reasons Why The Most Attractive Women Are Still Single

Attractive Women

Life may not be kind to people who are deemed unattractive to the world. But spare a thought for the attractive posse too, life can sometimes be punishing on beauty too. Many people judge others on their physical appearance and you may think that being considered ‘hot’, could save the remarks. However, being beautiful brings a different slew of judgment.

The number of single people is constantly rising on a global level for the past decade. Refinery29 published an article stating that in 2005, it was “just” 49% of people who were single, but in 2014, it jumped up to 64%.

First of all, like everyone else, beautiful women are very stereotyped. Some of these stereotypes include the opinions that they are dumb or arrogant. Media representation has done beautiful women no favors either.Just think of the dumb blonde or femme fatale stereotypes. They are very deeply rooted in society and some are considered normal. These broad and unmerciful prejudices seep into the dating culture and make it harder for the good looking to get the first date. Lets look at some reasons why.

1. Beautiful women are assumed to be committed

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How often did your friend think he shouldn’t approach a beautiful girl because he thought she is probably in a relationship? I’ve experienced this a thousand times! Therefore, attractive women are far less likely to be asked out. Sounds ironic, right? Here’s some advice: don’t assume, ask first! Which could be valuable advice for many aspects of our lives.

2. Attractive women are thought of as picky and snobbish

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Here comes another one. Some women may be like this, but out of all the attractive women in the world, do you still think she is the snobbish one? Go and take a chance, or you might end up being the snobbish one. The attractive girl sitting next to you might be interested in some intellectual talk and some adventure, just like you.  The next intellectual might be trapped in these beautiful looks and stereotypes and you are the one saying she’s snobbish? Give it a try. Break the mold.

3. Attractive women feel like they should date hotter men

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This is another society pressure pt on beautiful women. According to Relrules, they feel obliged to do this and usually end up being single after an unsuccessful relationship, or single because they can’t find the perfect match or hot man. You need to help them and try to break this stereotype once and for all! As they say love works in mysterious ways.

Source: relrules

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